AI-Generated Advertising – What else is there?

Everybody knows by now the generative AI is almost like a super power, the possibilities it has created are pretty much infinite. Ask you neighbor, mom or you five year old and they will come up with at least one idea of how to use it to make the most out of it or at least what are the threats it poses. We bet on this quite strong. The five year old would not know anything about the jobs being taken away, mind you. By now, we’ve seen an incredible amount of amazing artworks created by a super talented AI early adopters, stunning clips, animations, movie trailers, music clips, you name it. The pace the AI is shaping todays reality is extremely dynamic. Go away for a week, stay offline and once you come back you will be completely lost. Software updates, new releases, use-cases, legislation proceedings, the world is spinning super fast. But, there’s always this “but” – what does the actual use of generative AI in advertising look like? Is it there yet? How cool is it really, or actually how powerful? Have brands started to benefit from the AI? Or is it still a bit too early? Is it a boon or a bane for marketers? We’ll see that bet. Let’s kick off a new Essentialist series: AI-Generated Advertising – What else is there? and dive into innovative AI ad campaigns.


Collaboration between Vogue Italy Editor-at-large Robert Rabensteiner and a material sciences company Pangaia. Together with the Maison Meta agency they created a custom campaign tailored to the client direction, from model choices to background and of course the collection (in which the agency created a custom AI model to bring into each images). Every single detailed were crafted and careful brought via custom AI workflow, with the client wish to be as photorealistic as possible. Almost like it was not AI…

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PRADA BEAUTY fragrance campaign

The luxury fashion and beauty mogul, Prada has tapped into artificial intelligence for its fragrance campaign. The brand teamed up with renown still-life photographer Johann Besse to capture the bottles of their latest scents; Paradoxe, Luna Rossa Ocean, Infusion d’Iris, L’Homme and Amber Femme and fed the artificial intelligence with the imagery to create a series of visuals which would illustrate the main concepts behind each of the fragrances. The AI artwork for Amber Femme, for instance, illustrates inspirations of the past and embodies the future, as the brand said on Instagram.

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A well known plant based almost-milk manufacturer that is used to controversies and knows how to to turn the table in their favor or at least be in control of all the here-say, misconceptions, scandals and what not (see: Oatly publishes website compiling all its controversies), have gone on tour with their new product the “soft serve”. It would not be anything unique for us if it wasn’t for the fact that the brand has openly stated “What better way to corrupt the youth than through crowd surfing, dancing and great tasting soft serve at music festivals?” and that’s what they’ve been dong throughout the summer of 2023. We would addtaking advantage of the generative AI to it. And we’re in love. Here’s how they did it.

“If you tell an artificially intelligent life form to ‘keep it real,’ they will either act more realistically human, which is inauthentic for them, or act as artificial as possible to stay true to themselves, which may cause dissonance in the otherwise smooth coexistence between man and machine. Maybe that’s why art became the first space where humans and A.I. co-communicated and why we had to ask the amazing @joooo.ann to illustrate the existence of our soft serve pop-up shop in Amsterdam in a way that can be understood by both humans and self-learning algorithms. Also, there’s a link in our bio if you’re a human and want to find other places where our soft serve is served.”

source: Instagram


The annual #WorldWithoutNature campaign of WWF has got a their message out really strong this time. Brave Bison, a media, marketing and technology company has teamed up with artist from the AI/CC Creative Community to create visuals for the campaign where they ask brands to remove wildlife from their branding. The AI/CC artist took advantage of the generative AI and visualized the rampant loss of biodiversity in the world. The campaign was aimed at encouraging people to protect and appreciate the environment.

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“We felt that the combination of AI and our vibrant community was the perfect vehicle for this brief. To see the community mobilise en masse behind this most important fight of our time was a humbling and awesome sight to behold. We hope that the wide-ranging response from talented creators from across the globe will make people consider their role in the preservation of our natural world.”

said AI/CC Creative Community founder Seth Pyrzynski.

Hard not to feel guilty, right? Visit the incredible gallery here.

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