AI in film, are we good yet? You decide.

In February’23, one of the most influential music groups of the past decade – Linkin Park – releases a music video to their Lost song that says “AI Production” @KaiberAI in credits. It’s a big deal, not only for the fans, who for a variety of reasons are not very happy about this fact, but also for the industry, which on the contrary is looking at the move with excitement.

The song originally recorded during sessions for their second studio album back in 2003, was later officially released on February 10, 2023, as the first single from the album’s 20th-anniversary reissue of Meteora LP. The band’s fans not being happy to see that it was AI that generated the video made the lead singer Mike Shinoda explain that in reality, the artworks were humans-made but:

‘AI was then trained on the original anime art, and applied to the Linkin Park footage, to make the band members look like the anime characters. In essence, the AI was used to visually tie the two forms of original content.’

Whatever the AI share is, it is a milestone for the media industry, which is about to change big time! The video has reached over 33 mln views in a bit over a month being live on YT.

We are super excited to see that the film industry is also jumping on the generative AI board. This being said Runaway, one of the leading AI-related content creation company, has introduced the first annual AI Film Festival (AIFF)

Generation — Riccardo Fusetti

‘A celebration of the art and artists making the impossible at the forefront of AI filmmaking. They received hundreds of submissions but managed chose the great top ten.’

You guys just need to see this! Start from awarded with the Grand Prix Ricardo Fusetti’s Generation and you will be blown off from your chair. No doubts about it. Amazing choreography mixed with music, narrative and dynamic visual! The Gold winner; Áron Filkey and Joss Fong’s Gold-awards production will bring you closer to the AI world and its general perspective, and A$AP Rocky’s – Shittin’ Me music video (yes, it got a merit too!) will surprise, to say the least. All of them are great, and show how great the variety of AI usage in film is. Enormous.

A$AP Rocky – Shittin’ Me (Official Video)

‘While submitting Runway didn’t expect the artist to be using Runaway or acted in favor of those who did, AI could be incorporated into films either through AI generated content using tools similar to Runway’s Text to Image or Frame Interpolation AI Magic Tools, or through AI editing techniques including but not limited to Green Screen, Inpainting, or Motion Tracking’.

So… get yourself comfortable and go watch, watch them all! You won’t regret it.

Once you are done it’s a must to see the conference where the people of the film industry talk about an enormous change they have been experiencing since the recent development of AI. Inspiring and worth watching discussion panel with LA-based director Paul Trillo, multi-lingual multi-ethnic multi-hyphenated third culture kid and a director Souki Mehdaoui, video producer Cleo Abram and finally an accomplished filmmaker Daren Aronofsky. Must watch!