AI IN PAID WORK, is the green light on yet?

So this is probably something that most marketers are looking super close at. Everybody’s kind of stuck in the starting blocks and not sure if w’re ok to use the generative AI in paid work? Is it safe in terms of legal perspective and the copyrights, or publishing rights? For the time being the answer is: it depends what kind of use are we talking about. There is no single more important aspect of the current state of the art than this.

Library of Congress has already addresses the case in the case of the comic book “Zarya of the Dawn” by Kris Kashtanova (@icreatelife), you can read more about it here, there are hearings in the US senate over the AI with Sam Altman, the European Union is has formed a commission which aims to address the risks generated by specific uses of AI through a set of complementary, proportionate and flexible rules. To cut the long story short, there are people on it, but with no ready solution, yet. In fact, there is not one clear answer to this issue, however the use cases are getting some brands have already adopted the incredible power of the generative AI in their recent advertising campaigns. The AI is not going to vanish, and the new reality we are facing is something we all will have to adjust to, the sooner the better, for marketers, brands and the legal entities. Today we are going to look at a few of those cases that from our perspective are important to know about.

What happens when you give artists a new tool, is the tool going to kill the art or elevate it to a completely unknown level? Well, we bet on the latter! Coca Cola has added Stable Diffusion to their new add campaign mixed it with some 3D modeling and other traditional methods. See what happens when the whole universe comes together in Real Magic ways to help a boy in need of uplift and a little inspiration. They definitely deserved a credit for this. Masterpiece!

source: YouTube

You’re probably thinking: Ok, that’s video, and it’s not AI in your face kind-of-use, how about some static use of generative AI, like images? There you go. In Poland, there is an off-price chain called HalfPrice and they have just launched an advertising campaign that uses images created by artificial intelligence. They go big time about it, the campaign will run in the coming months in all social media channels of the brand, OOH and digitally.

‘The AI-generated images for the latest campaign of the HalfPrice Club look absolutely extravagant – they are simply impossible to pass by indifferently. They not only create a “story” about our club, but also convey the emotions characteristic of the brand: excitement, fascination and fun. Since its launch, HalfPrice has been a brand with a very distinct character. This campaign just had to happen’

says Michał Kniaź, Marketing Director at HalfPrice.

source: Web

Everybody knows Mercedes, many want one, but only a few know that the brand has just launched first car commercial ever shot entirely in Unreal Engine. Unreal! No camera needed, not even a car. What an interesting time to be alive.

‘… key aspect of the production was the use of a virtual camera rig, which simulated a physical cinema camera on a real set in Unreal Engine, without the need for a virtual LED Wall studio or an actual car. This innovative approach of using a virtual camera production (VCP) highlights the potential for expanding virtual production techniques in the advertising industry.’

Do you know what is this year’s color of the year? The experts at the Pantone Color Institute picked one that perfectly expresses its vivid and audacious mood, and it is the Viva Magenta.

‘…the color represents the resilience, optimism, and creativity that many of us hope to feel as we enter the new year. But in a twist, the color also explores the interplay between the real world and the virtual one, which will become increasingly relevant as the metaverse looms larger.’

source: Web

They could not have gotten closer to what is actually going on right now, and the Pantone’s imagery around Viva Magenta encapsulates the interaction between the real and the virtual, perfectly intermingling photos of nature with computer-generated graphics. Apparently it was created with the use of AI.

source: Twitter

Finally, Casablanca, a a French-Moroccan fashion house, know for its traditional approach to fashion and the love for analog techniques, has launched its SS23 campaign ‘Futuro Optimisto’. There would not be anything exceptional about if it wasn’t for a complete new approach both for Casablanca, and the advertising world. The brand’s Spring/Summer 2023 collection features AI -generated campaign images, created in collaboration with longtime industry photographer, Luke Nugent, using Midjourney! \

Imagine Mexico, the Mexicans, the landscape and now make it look like a hyperrealistic painting with a surreal twist. There you go. Casablanca’s founder Charaf Tajer compared AI to electronic music or sampling: It may be done on a computer, but it still takes talent, creativity and effort to produce good results.

source: Web

This is just the beginning but what a great one, especially for those brave enough to be the first.