AI is here, whether you like it or not, and it is here to stay. Many worry that the emerging new technology will lead to the deprecation of artists and their creative talents. As being an artist is at stake here, we should be rather looking at the whole generative AI art concept as a process and not only the result it prompts back.

The question we may be asking ourselves here is whether or not the AI is creative in a way that we people think traditionally about creativity, say coming up with unique concepts, or is is it just creating copycats or mimicking what’s already there “in our space”. Thus, using neural network processing methods, once properly prompted, the AI extracts commonalities from large data sets, like all sorts of look-books, lifestyle collection shots or fashion shows, once we consider its fashion side. And yet, are artists (the human ones) really free from any references, associations, or inspirations in the first place? Isn’t it a similar case here with the neural networks, but the size of the set it derives inspirations from?

Franck Gérard, Visual Artist and one of the leading AI artists. Curious about everything, passionate about art in all its forms, architecture, fashion, and technology has mastered the generative AI.

artist: Franck Gérard

Another thing worth noticing here is that the generative AI lacks human references, obviously. For it works with visuals, and visuals only. Therefore, it doesn’t really know what a non-visual context is, like why do we really wear hats, why do we use pockets or what the winter coat is really for. While it is true that the initial creative process of fashion items design is essential, it is also very important to note that the results of AI generated designs is really mind blowing. The AI here should not be viewed as a threat, sort of “the robots are coming for our jobs”, as it is hard to imagine artists being replaced by machines, but rather to be viewed as yet another, very powerful tool to be used by them enchanting their creative potential big time! For the time being, some of the early adopters have jumped on board and got a new tool and vast resources to explore and experiment with. The internet is now blooming with AI fashion designs. It’s so much fun to be the witness of it!

One of the artists most definitely worth following is a designer by day and an AI by night – arti.fictional. Their artworks look like shots from the near future look-books or Paris/Milan street shots. Amazing work!

artist: arti.fictional

Kastuko Koiso, a.k.a. Eugenio Marongiu, Milano based Lifestyle Photographer knows a thing about the street style. His incredible AI creatives are something one can not easily pass by.

artist: Kastuko Koiso

The generative AI has opened up the great outdoors of creativity for those who want to give it a go, like and his furry, pinky coats and jackets, straight out of NY glamorous life.


It’s really hard to point individuals, there are so many great artists out here, and they are on the rise, but templar is definitely one of those early adopters who need to be listed way ahead. It’s just incredible how great the 80’s look could be when modernized.

artist: templar

Last but not least, something truly exceptional and mindblowing, a video by aipocolypse, it’s an overview of women’s fashion from the 1910s – 2010s. Just watch.

artist: aipocolypse