Prompt Selection: Nikes on my feet keep my cypher complete

We have recently stumbled upon a tweet called Air Force 1 collabs in Midjourney by Nick St. Pierre @nickfloats and we are in love with it. The shoe game has a whole new level to jump at. Nick for a starter has prompted a design of Air Force 1’s Hogwarts Collab and the results has blown our minds off. Let’s be clear here, Hogwart styled shoes are just the beginning, Space Jam, Marvel, Dragonball and other follow the pattern and they’re out of this world and we’re saying this both as AI enthusiast and sneaker lovers. Imagine brands doing it? You get the point right?

You want more? There we go… it’s just too good to be true: Air Force 1’s Mario Collab!

and MARVEL, as a cherry on the top.

If you like it and are hungry for more follow the incredibly talented Nick and his prompting endeavors on Twitter.

The examples above are not just simple ‘show me what you got’ kids play. Designing a product takes time, designing a great product probably even more, is there a way to change it?! What if we could simply use AI tools like text-to-image to get the job done. Ask professional prompters with skills sets similar to those of Nick and other artists alike and come up with great designs in no time? At least one part of the product design process could be done faster. This isn’t just about shoes now, this means the future of product design is about to change, it actually has changed already. Just take a look at the following examples of automotive, fashion, tech and even furniture design.

Linus Ekenstam, is yet another great mind behind the early stage of generative AI. He is all ears about the technology and the current developments, and artist, and a true inspiration for everybody interested. He prompted this (sic!)

If you don’t know it yet, then you should: those guys rock!

Done with the shoe game? You should definitely check out Elmo Mistiaen. His headwear, jewelry and outerwear concepts are truly remarkable.

The examples of great fashion items concepts are flourishing on every SM platform. Looking forward to what the next fashion weeks in Milan or Paris will bring, maybe a hat like the one from HATTERIST.