Are you for real?

Generative AI is tricky, the technology has been improving in such pace that it’s already hard to say what is for real and what is ‘just the AI’. The updates and their new possibilities, the pace of the development and the ideas the early adopters are playing with are incredible, to say the least. It’s like the new Internet has been discovered. If you have been following trending AI related threads you have probably noticed that some of the early adopters are playing the “AI or not” game? Go give it a try, the technology is past the “the fingers” issue. Everything will soon be AI generated. It looks as if we are playing the god’s game… a digital one. Game on.

If the one above seems easy then beware… the ones below prompted by one of the most active and talented AI prompt artists and enthusiast Nick St. Pierre (@nickfloats) are mind-blowing! Check out his thread here.

Oh, and last but not least… the most famous case so far, as BuzzFeed News reporter Ryan Broderick (@broderick) called it

‘the first real mass-level AI misinformation case’

the Pope Francis in a puffer jacket.

If you want to dig the subject matter a bit deeper pop in here and see what it was like in August last year, when there was no v5 of the almighty Midjourney (sic!): Human vs AI Test: Can We Tell the Difference Anymore? It’s way harder now, if not impossible.