Artist Highlight: 5000 shades of doopiidoo

Here goes a question to you: do you have an image, say one single image that flashes right in front of your eyes when you hear or say AI? Everybody does, yo do have one for sure, don’t be shy. We do have that image too and it is one of the doopiidoo’s creations. It’s this one.

artist: doopiidoo / source: Instagram

What is so special about it you might ask. We could answer that it is the color way, the match of the shades, the textures and that look. It just makes us feel this little tingly sensation along the back of ours. The looks are actually very strong characteristic of doopiidoo’s art. All his characters have that piercing gaze one either craves for or would like to avoid at all costs! Don’t turn your back, just look them in the eye. And by them, we mean a lot of faces, variety of looks and creations. What a wonderful mixture of contemporary culture, historical figures and styles, imaginary worlds, daily life objects, and various textures! True gem.

artist: doopiidoo / source: Instagram

The artist himself says:

‘The neural network absorbs the chaos of my thoughts and gives out a lot of faces. I am looking for myself among them. In each of them I see my reflection and my aesthetics.’

The hypnotizing nature of doopiidoo artwork is real, we got stuck browsing through his Instagram portfolio for hours, trying to figure out how it’s done, only to realize it really doesn’t matter. What is important though is the art itself.

artist: doopiidoo / source: Instagram

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