ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: a walk in the clouds with HELEN BREZNIK

Multidisciplinary in its purest form, Helen Breznik’s art is way out of the box. When looking at her portfolio, we accidentally went back to the times when people used to have diaries, the traditional type of, paper and pen, you know. In these diaries, somewhere in the back, there was a special sheet with top ten questions, to which BFs invited to collaborate in the diary could give answers. One of them would be: what is your dream dress? Tough one! But most probably never for Helen. Most def! Just take a lok at her Instagram profile and you will be blown away by the amount of amazing dress design concepts. And that’s for a starter.

source: Instagram

A photographer, official lens creator for Snapchat (check out the incredible lenses she has created here) and designer who loves to explore the world of augmented reality apparently has found yet another place in which she feels like home – the generative AI. We stumbled upon an interview with her, where she told the Contributing Editor of LensCulture.

“My photography is a place where there are no limits, I can be fearless, I can be whomever I like and I can escape from the ordinary – to an idyllic world. I create characters that are not necessarily “me”, but they are a reflection of what appeals to me”.

It is more than clear to us that when it comes to generative AI Helen is in the right place! Let’s hope she feels the same vibe as with her self-portraiture.

And now Ladies and Gentlemen let’s take a walk with Helen in the clouds, look from the above at Mongolia with ‘Dream On’ by Aerosmith softly playing in the background.

artist: Helen Breznik / source: Instagram

artist: Helen Breznik / source: Instagram