ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: Absurdity Inventor

First budding thought we have when scrolling through the Absurdity Inventor‘s profile on Instagram is that they must have loved it when Midjourney sucked at getting those fingers right. Second, how on earth you can actually come up with such amounts of absurd in one head, even hellishly creative one, and finally what is more challenging when engineering a prompt, absurdity or reality, how does that unfold?!

They say absurd is good for you, even healthy and could be of an evolutionary value. Especially when experienced while dreaming. Seemingly absurd elements of dreams may have adaptive value, allowing the brain to rehearse its responses, like the ones needed to react to potential dangers, or to stimulate exploring alternative solutions to real-world problems. Therefore, we strongly recommend popping in to Absurdity Inventor‘s creative space, where nothing is what it really seems. Be warned though, what is seen can not be unseen (it is safe for work, don’t you worry). DREAM ON & enjoy.

“Ahoy-hoy!” by Absurdity Inventor / source: Instagram

“Self-portrait !” by Absurdity Inventor / source: Instagram

Dear Inventor let us know when you see this if we’re right with our first impression. Best!