Who’s your personal favorite puppet? Let us take a guess. It’s Elmo! Nope?! Cookie Monster! No?! Miss Piggy maybe? Still nothing?! Then it must be Bert, Ernie or perhaps Kermit the Frog! We’re close? Don’t say it’s Zippy… You must be in your fifties then! The headliners are always in the spotlight, easy to like and have laugh with, how about those that were a bit in the background, say Abby Cadabby, Red Fraggle or Traveling Matt. Do you recall? Some of the above made their way to the nice and cosy retirement in a museum, some are long forgotten and lost. Where are they? We may have just found a space where they all may have been hiding for years, a Blatant Space. Look carefully and you may as well find Mr Squiggle somewhere, chances are you won’t be able to meet the Big Bird. Let’s give it a try!

“If everything is, then nothing is.”

artist: Blatant Space / toolkit: source: Instagram

The project is run by Ben, an AI artist who likes to describe it as “bold, unapologetic art. From hidden “latent space” to vivid reality. Exploring AI’s boundless creativity.”. The aesthetics is incredible, as if we were rummaging through the long forgotten archives of the TV shows puppet industry, lost and found. Characters who were never casted for any role, or lost in the game. The imagination of the author is exceptional, combined together with the generative AI skills make the Blatant Space a place worth regular visiting, frequent ones. Forget Elmo, say hello to… U U and the crew.

artist: Blatant Space & Edoardo Benaglia / toolkit: Dall-E x Midjourney x Photoshop x Gen-2 / source: Instagram

artist: Blatant Space / source: Instagram

artist: Blatant Space / source: Instagram