Human towers, they call them Castells, those crazy living structures formed by people in a part of Catalonia standing on the shoulders of one another. Did you know they can reach up to ten stories high?! This is the first thought that occurs when we saw one of the latest artworks by someone we have been familiar with for his music, and recently by his generative AI endeavors. Just see it yourself, BLUMQUIST himself.

artist: BLUMQUIST / source: Instagram

We always wonder, how does the prompt engineering for such creatives goes by? Do you actually use the Castell reference, or more something of an Absolut Vodka ad?! Get your seatbelts on, as this is just the beginning of the awkward ride around the Fy Solar System with BLUMQUIST. Get the proper soundtrack on here and enjoy. What we are looking at right now are “Scenes from a weird dream, captured with the Dream Recorder™ by GNOM Industries Inc.” Right below you will findthe “Megaloscopic Life”, by Nūklëus, acrylic on proteins, 3μm x 5μm. The oddity here doesn’t have boundaries, yet the images are somehow holding on to you, like the dream you don’t want to dream but you just keep on going deeper into just to get to know how it ends. That’s BLUMQUIST aesthetics here.

artist: BLUMQUIST / source: Instagram

artist: BLUMQUIST / source: Instagram

The best is yet to come, now you have never seen anything like the challenge BLUMQUIST came up with! We have seen dozens, but none of them like this. Art in its form, creativity at its best! Ladies and gentlemen PICTURES OF LANGUAGE IMITATION.

source: Instagram

The artworks above are the actual translations of artist’s imitation of Chinese, Japanese and French, which were used in the prompts of the pictures. Hilarious! Check out the original post here to see what were they. And go on to Google Translate to have fun with yours.

“/imagine prompt: full scene of GOOGLE TRANSLATION, LANGUAGE, absurd surrealism, midshot, kodak kodachrome 64 –ar 5:4 –s 500 “