What is the weirdest thing you have ever collected? Or what is the strangest thing you heard a friend of a friend collected? Unopened Coca-Cola bottles, napkins, banana stickers, or back scratchers maybe? Anything is possible nowadays. Toy figures are trendy to collect, they have always been, all kinds of Narutos, Pokemon’s, Star Wars are the thing! Did you know that the most expensive collectible toy ever is one Barbie figure by Stefano Canturi, valued years ago at over $300k, only to be followed by the original $200k worth G.I. Joe!

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But hey, imagine this: how about collecting the creepiest of the creepy toy figures, the ugliest, scary, and surprisingly odd. That would be great! We can literally imagine ourselves sitting all day surrounded by the creepy collection with our mouths open in awe! That’s exactly what happened when we stumbled upon the amazing Captain creep’s Instagram profile.

This dude is running open 24/7 Creep Mart with carefully selected creepy toys! Limited runs only, unreal quality, mostly nonexistent. But if you look closely enough or dive deeper into the comment section you can educate yourself with some of the unknown facts about toy collectibles, like those that mention the original progenitors of the AI generated arts, or actually some of the followers having collected them! So rad!

Some toys are creepy, some super surprising, some are even cute. Big up to the Captain for the Og boxes! Incredible attention to detail. It’s fun to imagine this could all be real. As someone actually pointed out: it could be a matter of time before Midjourney will allow for generating 3D printing schemes. There will be a line to the mart, for sure. One of the creations was actually made real!

artist: Captain creep / source: Instagram

artist: Captain creep / source: Instagram

The Creep Mart by Captain Creep is decisively one of the most creative and entertaining AI-generated art profiles w have ever seen. Some of the most expensive vintage toys in the world could easily become part of the Creep Mart’s collection, some look like they already are!