What happens when a prompt fails? There is an artist in Italy that made it his trademark. And he did it like a champ! Based in Milan, a man of many talents, an art director, lecturer and a multidisciplinary creative of architecture, graphics, fashion design, and finally AI, Hazem ‘The Architect’ Talaat has started an art project entitled Failed Prompt.

Why failed, you may ask, or say that they don’t look failed at all. We couldn’t agree more. While in an endeavor to learn Midjourney, Hazem came up with the idea of showcasing his prompt tryouts,

’the thing that it is work in progress, so I call it that, as this will never be what we exactly want!’

The voracious mind of an artist in its pure form. His art, and its unique style, reminds us of some of the best poster designers of the renowned Polish School of Poster, like Wiesław Wałkuski. Whether failed or not, we want those prompts daily! That’s how good Hazem’s failures are.

artist: Failed Prompt / source: Instagram

‘Through the intersection of multiple disciplines and technologies his artwork pushes the possibilities of art further as he creates artwork of a sort which has never been seen before.’