First things you notice are the colors. Carefully chosen, rich but well balanced tones and hues, not too pushy, but at the same time vivid enough to hold you attention a bit longer than the usual viewer’s attention span. Patterns come second. You simply can’t miss them. When you look close enough, the whole array of details opens up, ready to get noticed. Beautifully crafted little carvings, watermarks, brush-like strokes, printouts and embosses, you name it. It’s all there, really well-executed and thought through. Then the designs themselves. They are unique! Looking like the artworks taken straight out of a private record collection, you know, underground mixtape vibes and bootleg LP’s. A festival of street culture blended with love for music, fashion and a bit of an oddity. Kvetcch knows his ways! His creatives act like a sensory event. Thus, every art experience begins as a physiological response to a stimulus of light. From that moment on, it only makes you feel better. Can you dig it?

In one of his most recent interviews, Karol Wystalski (real name of Kvetcch), Warsaw-based AI artist, called generative AI his own “glorified pencil sharpener* This one deserves an applause, Kvetcch owes his existence to the emergence of this new technology. Opinions on AI vary – some detest it, others embrace it – but what’s crucial to underscore is the opportunity it provides. Generative AI has empowered numerous talented individuals, such as Karol, to step into the role of creators.

“To effectively use AI tools, people should be an open mind and have no fear of exploring new things. It also takes time, willingness to experiment, and iterate.”

It’s a reminder that it’s never too late, and being an artist or designer isn’t defined by education, job titles, or resources, but by your creative output. Actions speak louder than words, right? Check out the outcome of Kvetcch’s actions, no bullshit stuff! Kudos to him.

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Check out Kvetcch portfolio here.