It might be surprising to learn that “The Wizard of Oz” premiered as far back as 1939! Feel old yet? And you would never believe if we told you that the iconic ruby slippers worn by Dorothy were originally silver but the production team has decided to make them ruby red to take advantage of the vibrant Technicolor technology, making them more visually striking. Surprised? We were… equally surprised to that one time when we have discovered The World of Le Moon and a few days later got to know that apart from the great synthography collection out there, there’s so much more to it… like music for instance! It may sound like we are high on fever talking bilge here but let us show you what’s on our mind and then you will know.

First, let’s add some background sound, maybe one of Le Moon’s music productions entitled Let’s Summon Demons out of the latest release called I Love Children but They’re Hard to Chew!

All set! Now let’s go back to Le Moon’s visual art. Here’s why we have mentioned that Oz thing in the first place. The incredible aesthetics of that 1939 movie heavily influenced by amazing costumes, fantasy elements, including whimsical characters like talking animals, witches, and flying monkeys is most importantly created by the use of the coloring technique called Technicolor. It has worked magic, and it still does when you look at the creatives of Le Moon. At least that’s how we see it. That plus the satirical and darkly humorous tone of the retro-style visuals are offering us a unique exploration that challenges conventional childhood memories in a thought-provoking manner. Magnifique! Superbe!

Who dat Le Moon is?

“Le Moon is an AI artist with a creative background in TV production and video game marketing based in Nice, France. Her work expresses her memories, fears and dreams in a nostalgic and disturbing style. Her art explores themes of horror, weirdness, and fever dream parallel realities through an approach that she calls absurd realism.

After experiencing burnout, she embarked on a soul-searching journey that took her and her husband and dog on a year-long adventure along the mythical Silk Road.”

Seems that the journey has left Melody Bossan (Le Moon’s real name) some valuable insights within. She came back nourished with incredibly fresh and innovative vision we are luckily able to be be witnessing. And, there is so much to be crazy about. Cinematic, fantasy, nostalgic, dark or horror-ish, funny and odd. You name it and then head on to Le Moon’s portfolio to enjoy the desired theme.

Melody is incredibly skilled generative AI operator, smooth we shall say! With a creative background in Video production, her work inevitably expresses her memories, fears and dreams in an approach that she calls absurd realism. From now on, we are going to call ourselves absurd realism enthusiasts and you should too! Just check it out.

Curious / source: Instagram

Snowmen by the pool / source: Instagram

Cat Ladiesl / source: Instagram

Breaking the AI beauty standards / source: Instagram

Bleu / source: Instagram

Latest news is that Le Moon’s production “The Cheat Code” was selected by The AI Film Festival in Budapest and awarded with Honorable Mention! We are super stoked to see where it goes from here. Keep your eyes open to more of the incredible art straight from Le Moon!

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