There are two ways of building a successful business, you either catch on a demand and fulfill the existing need, or create the demand yourself and make people think they need you. Whatever way you choose the demand is essential for almost anything to be successful. On that note, you may have seen those hyper popular variety stores of Chinese, Spanish or Danish origin, selling accessories that literally nobody thought they ever needed but then everyone wanted, like the cute stuff; tiny fluffy ear covers for your dog, miniature staplers, drunk glasses or mini golf to play with while being busy in a toilet. People love them, don’t they?! Who would have thought. Now this is the latter way of building a successful business, for sure. But don’t blame the messenger, it is barely possible not to fall in love with the cuteness served. And this is exactly what we have felt when we spotted the incredible aesthetic served by an artist called Momit Sam York.

“From a playful bunny shaped blender to a gummy bear-inspired radio and cassette, York reinterprets familiar objects to create brand new designs that fuse nostalgia and innovation, and functionality and decorative aesthetics.”

As if we have just entered one of the cute variety stores. Imagine walking along an alley with retro inspired gummy bear shaped cassette players (does anybody remember what a cassette is?), funny toasters, bunny-like blenders, off to a smeg-like but bear-like refrigerators, playful coffee makers and humidifiers. There is plenty of those! We want them all. Can you please Momit Sam York consider making your Midjourney concepts come true? Please.

For cuteness overload please follw the incredible Momit Sam York on Instagram here.