There it is, beauty, per se, just the way you think about it. Just next to it there are freedom and fun, as they very often come together. And finally, the fourth companion, indispensable in this equation: aging. Now think about all of them, at once, mix it with loads of creativity, 11 aunties, 1 mother and 1 late grandmother, spice things up a bit with that incredible Asian vibe and here you go: niceaunties, an exceptional project by a one crazy talented Singaporean artist.

Mind you though, it’s not your regular family photo book. It is crazy, glittery, sometimes glamorous, more often odd and very surprising. Anything can happen in the Auntieland, from beach parties, visit to MoMA to human-sized sushi production, this group of women is living their life to the fullest!

“Her unique perspective on the endearing and sometimes absurd behavior of “aunties” showcases the auntie culture that is prevalent in Asian communities worldwide. Through her use of digital media and AI, Niceaunties empowers women by imagining an alternate reality where aunties can pursue their passions freely.”

“MoMA” Museum of Modern Aunties. Use front entrance, side entrance auntie is grumpy. Members get pool and roof access.

Niceaunties project is a perfect example of what you get when you mix Kawaii with Surrealism. All of them, the incredible aunties are super charming, yet seem vulnerable at times, even shy or childlike, but most importantly very liberated, independent and we do love them this way! It acts in favor of empowering women by imagining a world where ladies, like the aunties can do whatever they want, pursue their true passions and live happily ever after. Just imagine, spending your life being surrounded with such great company. You just can’t get enough. Apparently, the artist got inspired by a typical ‘auntie behaviors’ in Asia and her own life.

“My maternal grandmother had dementia and was bedridden for 20 years. Because of this, my mother made a resolution to stay active in her silver years. She regularly dances, practices qi-gong (similar to tai chi), and performs with her friends on stage at festivals. I realized that this is not the case for most aging women, as I have aunties who have held back from pursuing their dreams, perhaps restricted by self-imposed expectations.”

Let’s meet the Aunties, shall we?

You can hang around with the incredible Aunties here… don’t be shy. You will feel like home.