An oil painter based in Australia, has charmed us with her incredible talent, creativity and most of all by her mesmerizing artworks, where she explores the themes of self expression, digital identity and the self-curated persona in the online world. And by saying online she really means it…

Working on the verge of traditional figurative oil painting techniques and the art of generative AI Nicola Higgins, has found her own, very unique way to make the artworks truly expressive and breathtaking in both of the realities. By inputting her own artworks to Midjourney the artist successfully explores the female form with varied representation; from fragmented body parts assembled in abstract compositions to women wearing masks in fantastical, virtual worlds.

Can you tell which is which? Now, that’s some MJ use case we were all waiting for, were we not? Creating new works by providing artists with new tools and techniques could truly become the backbone, or even a cornerstone for a whole new art movement. Wishful thinking that has finally been made real.

source: Instagram

source: Instagram

“I think AI is confusing to some people because they wonder how much input is human and how much is the machine. But if we judge AI works only in comparison to other AI (not photography or any other art form) then we can start to appreciate how incredible it is. The AI community is so positive and welcoming because everyone is there purely for the joy of seeing what they can make the machine do. Most seem to be creatives, like writers, designers, makeup artists, fashion designers, curators etc., and they love seeing their ideas come to life.”

says Nicola in her interview for Women AI Artists, a community platform that celebrates and supports women in the field of AI-generated art. Couldn’t agree more. Would you?

Visit Nicola’s oil painting portfolio here, and her AI endeavors here. Stunning!