Let’s play a quick quiz, shall we? Name three things that you think of when you hear Nordics? Volvo, Midsommar and IKEA (sic!), just joking…vikings, of course. Is there any difference between Nordics and Scandinavia, and if yes, then what is it? Whereas Sweden, Norway and Denmark make up Scandinavia, Nordics are more capacious, they also include Norway and Iceland. Now, name the three things again, but ones that we haven’t talked about yet. Reindeers, aurora borealis and hygge. Great! Since you made it here, you can come in… welcome to the Nordic Wonderland, fabulous AI generated world of reindeer hats, vintage vibes and Scandi-weirdness.

We are not going to be wrong if we say that the term scandi-weirdness is as capacious them Nordics right?! The creative behind the Wonderland has definitely taken the exciting path. Not only they have chosen an amazing source of inspiration but also have really mastered the power of generative AI altogether with some catchy storytelling. Summing those up, the Jetset mag was born!

“JETSET – maybe the most sophisticated magazine of those adorable times of the late 60s and 70s. Originally conceived for the playboys of this world, this magazine sold like hot cakes in Catholic boarding schools for girls around the globe. The rest is history”

That vibe, the vintage feel and the aesthetics, can’t get any closer to the nordic theme of the 70’s. Let’s be honest about it, even if weren’t there, you finally can…it is so real. Now, one last task for you, no more quizzes after that, we promise. Find the weirdest scandi-thing out there, in the Wonderland. Here is ours. Even though it is hard for us to imagine one can enjoy the winter, the cold and all that we accept it as a reality, but how one can really enjoy Mondays that much?!

Oh, last but not least, the issue No. 3 of the Jetset mag is out now! Go get yours before it’s too late here.

“The international magazine about sparkling luxury, endless races, ultimative party life and – yes of course – future science and other modern sensations”