Smashing Pumpkins’ Mellon Collie and the Infinite Sadness LP theatrical aesthetics mixed with the magnificent Danielle Clough embroidery art touch and some popart influence spiced up with Joan CornellĂ  awkward feel; dear readers here it is: Oona Ode, an Ai Art Muse, a beautiful visionary and apparently pink hues lover.

The art of yawning, screaming, staring, camping, tripping, being on fire, being together, being stitched or inside out has never been so exciting. We are truly in love with Oona Ode creative visions, her illustrative point of view, metaphorical perspective and that exceptional touch she gives to every single art created with the use of generative AI, whether it’s the MJ or DALL·E 3 in the toolkit.

We hardly every say it, but watching Oona’s reels is a must. You should not miss out on following her art adventures, ever. OMG!