Let’s be completely honest about this here, when talking about Scorpion Sorbet all that glitters is gold, even if it’s pink-ish. Who does not love glitter anyway? Scorpion Sorbet loves it, we do too! We are also fond of all sorts of out-of-comfort experience, confrontations, juxtaposing, emotional discourse and surrealism. Add those up to some intimacy, struggle, oddity or fashion and you may start feeling the Scorpio vibe. But first, who is that anyway?

Carly Fridhandler, a.k.a. Scorpion Sorbet, is a Montreal-based, incredibly talented AI artist “come night”, and a senior art director by day, working for such big players like Adidas, Nivea, Walmart, Olay, Cirque du Soleil, and Lululemon in the world of advertising.

“My journey into AI art began in October 2022, and one of my earliest creations, Scorpion Sorbet, reflects the core theme of my work – the juxtaposition of discomfort within comforting settings.”

When we have said Scorpion Sorbet is incredibly talented we have actually meant it. She not only enjoys diving deep in to the AI rabbit hole and working out the tension between discomfort and comfort, sparking reflection and emotion, but also discovering the possibilities of technology-driven creativity, and pushing the boundaries of contemporary art. Once, she got into a collab with Daniel Esteban, a Columbian photographer, where they literally took the ‘Artificial’ out of AI. No codes. No keywords. Just Intelligence & ART.

“When your imagination consists of a cereal-eating alien with a fresh mani… magic happens. “What if we took Carly’s render and turned it into a photo?” Well, that’s exactly what we did. 1 bald cap, a ton of white body paint, and 5 boxes of Fruit Loops later, we turned AI art into IRL art. And we couldn’t be any happier.”

How did all this happened to Carly?In one of her interviews, for Red Eye mag, she said:

“A colleague at my agency first showed me Midjourney back in October of 2022. I was completely blown away by the limitless possibilities. The fact that I could instantly produce something that’s been hanging out in my mind for a while was a pivotal moment for me. I realized that this would fundamentally change how we create. One of the first things I ever rendered was a Scorpion Sorbet, hence the name was born, and gone was all my free time.”

Thank you dear colleague, it would be such a shame for Carly to just hold on to the big brands she works with while the sun is out. Luckily for us she does all that amazing creatives come night. She seems to have that magic spark in her DNA, with her closest relatives being accomplished artists and designers, and we are a true magic believers. How can you not when you look at Scorpion Sorbet art, can you?

2023 was an incredible year for Scorpio Sorbet, as she has been featured in exhibitions in Zurich, Milan, Shanghai, Los Angeles and Paris to name a few and renowned fashion magazines such as “D la repubblica” and “Red Eye.” Currently, Carly is working on her publication called “Venom” together with Danish publisher Snap Collective.

“Venom” has been a labor of love and I am immensely proud to have partnered with Danish publisher, @snapcollective, to bring my vision to life. The book is officially on pre-sale and I couldn’t be more excited to share this moment with all of you!”

See more of Scoprio’s work here.