There is a typeface, a classic choice for editorial design, often used in newspapers, magazines, and all sorts of books. Most of us have met with it for sure but haven’t really paid enough attention to notice it’s distinctive nature. These little bracketed serifs, sharp angles and subtle curves make it easily recognizable, versatile and suitable for a wide range of design. It’s been out there since 1960’s and stood the test of time really well. Not only does it looks nice but it also sounds cool. It is called Serifa.

And there is a design studio, equally cool when it comes to the subtle yet truly mesmerizing nature of their artworks. Working with stunning color palettes, graceful compositions, and a transcendent quality, the Munich-based duo of Nastassja Abel and Christian Otto like to call themselves like that typeface; Serifa. We like to think about them on that note, just like we do when we recall the work of Serifa’s typeface father Adrian Frutiger, a renowned designer, as the ones who work with the essence, redefining reality, creating their own, defining new aesthetics, the DNA! Is that a coincidence? Don’t think so!

title: 3:00 A.M / artist: Serifa / source: Instagram

Offering a wide range of services in various disciplines, including cover design, corporate design and art direction, Serifa studio takes a holistic approach from research to concept and implementation – digital or analog. They came into the AI game back in 2021* and immediately set out on a mission: to explore new forms of visual expression by harnessing the capabilities of AI and defining new aesthetics! How is it going? Enough said…marvelous! Hard no to fall in love with their artworks.

That’s exactly what happens when you blend the best ingredients possible and make it your own unique way. What is the recipe then? Try this: take a bit of fashion, but a minimalistic one to get the best result, add some magazines inspo, mix it with the Japanese aesthetics influence, pour in some good music, like hip-hop for instance, don’t forget about a pinch of mystery and poetic ambiance, spice things up with what you know really well and that is decent design, remarkable typography and finally architecture. Et voilà! There you go; Serifa it is! Enjoy.

title: FLAMING LIKE THE SUN / artist: Serifa / source: Instagram

Nastassja and Christian are not only incredibly talented but also very creative and tenacious. They deliver their amazing artworks daily!

“In our “ART EVERY DAY” series, we share new creations on Instagram daily, emphasizing the importance of the process itself. There’s a saying that comparing something good to another can diminish its value. Therefore, our attention is steadfastly on the present, viewing our past works as reflections of our journey at that time—a journey we take pride in, as it has catalyzed our evolution.”

source: Interview for WAIA

title: SOOR 1031 / artist: Serifa / source: Instagram

It’s been 599 days since and Serifa is going for the win! We are already looking forward to waking up again and grabbing our phone off the night stand to see what day 600 brings. Big up to Serifa!

title: INKO GNITO / artist: Serifa / source: Instagram

title: FEEL THE FIRE 2 / artist: Serifa / source: Instagram

The art of Serifa is available for purchase here, if you are interested. Make also sure to give them a follow on their Instagram account here.