Before we move on, we need to make sure you’re familiar with the term “tangent.” Hello?! Imagine it’s your high school math teacher at the door, knocking. Maybe even wonder how that prompt would work out. But seriously, we thought it says a lot about the creative duo behind the Tandem project.

First things first, a tangent is a straight line that touches a curve at a single point without crossing it. But as important as it is, math is not the whole world. Tangent, in a more figurative sense, can refer to a completely different line of thought or action. And that’s why we like the latter more… but wait till the “tandem” part steps in. What does that mean altogether? Well, it refers to all of the above, and when used metaphorically, it may describe two different lines of thought or discussion that diverge from a main topic but are somehow related or occur in sequence. The main topic being art, with derivatives such as “lallygagging & sidetracked with asides, musings, & revelries” (sic!).

And that’s where the story gets even more interesting. Who on earth comes up with a bio like that? The Tandem Tangents do, and we think it’s beautiful—just like their creative endeavors. An amazing and really well-executed mix of everything that collage/ psychedelic/ retro/ craft art has got to offer. Mind manifesting visuals that naturally incorporate surreal imagery, intricate patterns, wide arrays of vibrant colors, playful illusions, glitchy textures and resemble the best analog techniques from back in-the-days psy-art. Talents combined, the creative duo creates distinctive and hard-to-miss visual experiences straight from the world of dreams. Lovely!

Why, what, where… and most importantly, who hides behind the awkwardly interesting name Tandem Tangents (no offense, but we’ve honestly been reading it for months as if it was spelled tandem agents)? This creative duo is a couple of US-based artists, Colorado art school graduates, whose art is primarily created using an assortment of digital, algorithmic, and generative image modeling techniques such as Stable Diffusion, Midjourney, and Photoshop. However, they also incorporate traditional media like cut-outs, oil paintings, and analog photography in their creative process.

No wonder the two get along quite well. With his degree in painting and hers in metalsmithing, AI seemed like the perfect blend for their creative funnel. Oh… and they have a dog named Escher! How can we not be in love with the Tangents? Can you? Every single piece comes from both of them, meet Anduriel and Reece, and make sure to check out their amazing collective artworks here.