“In search of where we end & something else begins.”

The Cyclops Sun

Bright colors – confirmed, intricate patterns – confirmed, surreal visuals – confirmed, optical illusions – confirmed, nature and cosmic motifs – confirmed, fluid and dynamic forms – confirmed. Plus, there’s an intriguing depth and wisdom to the artwork — psychedelic art at its finest!

Have you discovered The Cyclops Sun yet? If not, it’s our pleasure to introduce you to a world beyond.

Imagine encountering a piece of art for the first time, and getting that breath of yours taken away with awe? That’s exactly what happened to us when we stumbled upon The Cyclops Sun imagery in our Instagram feed. The world around us, as if stopped. As if The Cyclops Sun wanted to evoke that altered states of consciousness and even more, made us explore all those themes of spirituality, mysticism, and the subconscious mind. And we did. We have set out on a journey to something else, accompanied by the comforting tones of some decent psybient music (can you dig it?) and with “In Search of the Miraculous” book in our hand, we’re on a mission now. You should consider it too, let the journey of self discovery begin. The Cyclops Sun artworks could be great jump-start for that.

The artworks of The Cyclops Sun are meticulously crafted, catering perfectly to all kinds of psychonauts. They feature vibrant and intense colors, sometimes in striking and contrasting combinations, aiming to emulate the hallucinogenic effects of psychedelics. You’ll also find spirals, fractals, and geometric shapes that create a sense of movement or visual distortion. The flowing and fluid forms that blend or morph into one another seem to symbolize the dissolution of boundaries between the self and the external world. Drawing inspiration from nature — plants, animals, and landscapes — the artworks often depict these elements in exaggerated or fantastical forms, conveying a sense of cosmic interconnectedness. We are one, I am you, you are me.

The Cyclops Sun goes offline too, if you are interested in getting a print copy of of the amazing artworks or one of the two published zines head over to their Etsy shop here. Let The Cyclops Sun be your guide through the cosmos as they reflect on the creative process, finding inspiration, and embracing the unknown. You’ve never seen anything like this before!!

“Modern life making you feel like we are all headed over a cliff? This guide will help distract you from it all! So confusing and absurd, you are bound to try to figure it all out…if there is anything to figure out. Sure to be one of the weirdest publications you have ever seen.”

source: Etsy

Feel invited! Enjoy the trip!