ARTIST HIGHLIGHT: The unreal reality of Elnaz Mansouri

Have you herd of Meow Wolf? It started in 2008 as a small collective of Santa Fe artists sharing an interest in publicly displaying their works and developing their skills together. Fast forward to 2023 and those guys have made a number of their dreams come true, one of them being letting people explore new realms of reality in their amazing exhibitions in four different venues around the US full of their kaleidoscopic art. Psychedelic, trippy and inviting to expand your world and mind to the fullest, as a visitor you simply pick a portal and get lost. You should see it. You can watch their incredible jaw-dropping 10 year journey here.

Meow Wolf’s Convergence Station in Denver/ source: Web

But why are we talking Meow Wolf? It’s Elnaz Mansouri time! For it is exactly the same feeling we experience when we are exposed to her artistic visions, the realms of her immense creativity. The multiversal transit between the Earth and the seductive unknown. We want to jump on that train, pick a portal, and get lost like we took the right pill. Do you want to join us?

artist: Elnaz Mansouri / source: Instagram

She is a multimedia artist practicing in the fields of Photography, 3D Art, AR and VR and her bio on Behance says:

“Visual artist focusing on abstracting and re-imagining environments and spaces while experimenting with conceptual ideas inspired by Magical Realism.”

And there is simply nothing we can add to this, except for the fact that we are in deep love for her exceptional ideas. Browsing through her portfolio is like walking around the best psytrance festival, except for the lack of music around.

source: Instagram

source: Instagram

Waiting for Elnaz to publish her new idea on Instagram or Twitter/X can easily be compared to waiting in line for the new exhibition to get opened. She is amazing. Hey, Meow Wolf, there is somebody you should get in touch with.

source: Instagram