This one is going to make you feel very, very comfortable, deeply relaxed and light as a feather. Sluggish and sleepy enough to feel that the only option left will be to lay down and have a nap, not the power one though. Feel as comfy as possible, stretched out and undisturbed in the surrounding of the unique, highly mushy, soft and spongy cushions, carpets and sofas! Ladies and gentlemen, this is Trend Evolve and their extra cosy world of very relaxing interiors. We should have said also that is not safe for work ๐Ÿ˜‰ And that we love the colors selection. You may want to become a carpet/sofa yourself after seeing these lovely interiors. Are you ready?!

‘Over one million mini-moons glow gently, casting their dim luminescence across the sky of Ariantes as if they were a singular sun. The silver lining is that residents can enjoy the celestial lighting without any risk of sunburn’

artist: Trend Evolve / source: Instagram

‘As a Nebula Navigator and renowned expert in designing simulated interior environments and textile and decor products, I am constantly amazed by the possibilities of creating holographic and physical products in space. The power and intelligence of the technology allows me to create a wide variety of styles that I can imagine and bring to life within a moment, each one different from what I had envisioned just moments ago.โ€™

Hard to stay focused, isnโ€™t it? Well, when we try hard enough one of the main thoughts we come up with about the arts of Trend Evolve is that they should get hired as the head designer in a studio that takes care of the designs of deep relaxation hubs for people all around the world. If only there were spots like that!

artist: Trend Evolve / source: Instagram

Dream on.