artist: Nick St. Pierre / prompt: a large iridescent and heterogeneous soap bubble floating through a parking lot above an abandoned red shopping cart, sparkling and glistening in the sun. The bubble is reflecting the world around it as it glistens –ar 4:5 –sref 469710847 –no sphere / source: X

artist: Dogan Ural / prompt: cinematic close up shot of a woman –ar 16:9 –sref 469710847 / source: X

artist: Brian / prompt: high key photography Black and white photo of an attractive fitness model woman with short hair wearing a white button tied at bottom shirt, elastic waistband and black shorts, her hand on her chin, a calvin klein ad fashion ad –ar 87:128 / source: X

BTW: Brian has just published his amazing book of prompts “Portrait Prompts Volume 3” ready to be downloaded here. 68 pages of pure gold! Go grab yours.

artist: R*A*F / prompt: Analog film still, profile view, the smooth hitman –ar 7:3 –sref 6022024 –sw 150 –s 50 –style raw / source: X

artist: LudovicCreator / prompt: hopeless man ,in EmotionScape style, with white emotive landscapes –style raw –ar 4:7 –v 6.0 –s 250 / source: X

artist: Muriel Lherm / prompt: A high-resolution photograph in neutral tones with beige and grey, featuring a serene landscape or portrait with strong contrasts, emphasizing subtle elegance, light and shadow play, and minimalism –v 6 –ar 5:4 –style raw –quality 2 / source: X

artist: Heather Cooper / prompt: ancient ruins with crumbling structures, statues, and overgrown vines, composed of bold, colorful patterns, ruins have a 3D effect, creating a sense of history and mystery –sref 622024 / source: X

artist: Tatiana Tsiguleva / prompt: a blurry photo of someone holding flowers, a woman’s hand is seen behind foggy glass with raindrops on it, the background is grey and dark, a flower has just fallen to her lap, it’s a still life photo, in the foreground there is an outoffocus figure wearing black , minimalistic, blurred photography, soft colors, dreamy mood, emotional feeling, ethereal –ar 3:4 –style raw –sref 3173356426 –sw 10 –stylize 120 / source: X

artist: PZF / prompt: close up on mannequin head, wearing a black metallic chain around his neck, bald, tattooed face, key lighting, 35mm / source: X

artist: Allar Haltsonen / prompt: Editorial Fashion Shot: African male model with warm brown skin tone wears a black cap with white logos, oversized black turtleneck, silver earrings, diamond necklace, and cross pendant, embodying streetwear. Braided hair and prominent facial tattoos enhance the urban look. Soft, even studio lighting, neutral background. Shot with Canon EOS 5D Mark IV, 85mm f/1.4 lens / toolkit: Midjourney x Magnific x Lightroom / source: X