This could be anything, it’s like with this one billboard that instantly grabs you attention and makes your neck twist the furthest ever with hope to glance at it a few seconds longer while you’re on your way to work or school. Only this, makes your thumb work out of sudden its way down not the usual way up while scrolling. This are great prompts, and great is designed by talented prompt designers, engineers, artist, creatives. Here is the latest collection of wow!

artist: RubenTainoAI -𝕏 / Toolkit: Bing Chatbot / Prompt and Trick:: A surreal image of a building with different elements and objects — when the images are created, ask the chatbot to add 16 times the elements — If you are satisfied, click on the image you like and download it. If not, keep asking for more elements or for other colors. — If at some point you have any issue, let me know in a comment / source: X

artist: Orcton / Toolkit: DALL·E 3 / Prompt: Wide image focusing on Medusa from waist to head, showcasing her in all her green-skinned glory. The detailed snake hair flows eerily against a shadowy backdrop, while dramatic lighting emphasizes her haunting beauty / source: X

artist: Lukas Lutz / Toolkit: MJ / Prompt: godly made Black canvas, black over black, Minimalism, Duotone red neon and indigo color, drawing of a sci – fi poster with futuristic hi – tech astronaut flying in space, in the style of delicate etchings, distorted figures, emphasis on facial expressions ::1 Wires, cables ::-0.5 –v 5.2 –ar 1:2 / source: X

artist: Heather Cooper / Toolkit: MJ / Prompt: a young black woman in a ruby-red car with short hair and sunglasses, in the style of daz3d, dark amber and light amber, photo-realistic techniques, glamorous pin-ups, dark teal and light ruby, soft shading, wavy / source: X

artist: sergio casciu / Toolkit: MJ / Prompt: Ephemeral Ethereal Echo, Wide Perspective, Captured with Sony A1, Floating within an ethereal matrix, Lines, lamellae, and reflections intertwining, A mirage of neon colors pulsating with every heartbeat, The scene oscillating between reality and illusion, Evoking the fragile and fleeting nature of existence. –ar 3:4 –style raw / source: X

artist: @DiffusionPics / Toolkit: Stable Diffusion / Prompt: my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard / source: X

artist: AlexandrIA / Toolkit: MJ / Prompt: black woman in a pink gown standing against a cloudy sky, in the style of cyclorama, ethereal performances, surreal gravity, and blended realities, shadow black, ether gray, ballet pink. –s 300 –ar 9:6 –c 40 / source: X

artist: Carl / Toolkit: MJ / Prompt: Minimalist, cinematic, vibrant, Pulsating silver Moiré pattern, Amidst forest and lake, Pinball machine effect, Vantablack background With stars that shimmer, divine –ar 16:9 / source: X

artist: Alin / Toolkit: MJ / Prompt: A metal structure in the snow next to an engine, in the style of sci – fi landscapes, detailed brushwork, 32k uhd, environmental portraiture, kushan empire, modular construction, havencore –s 150 –c 10 –weird 10 –ar 16:9 –v 5.2 –q 2 / source: X

artist: Sammy / Prompt: Moiré patterns weave, Beauty in high fashion’s breath, Otherworldly sheathe. / source: X