“You know when I first laid eyes on you
I remember saying that first impressions are everlasting

First impressions are misleading
That’s what they say
Sweet affections should grow slowly
And steady and deeper every day

And I may be reachin’ for a star
I should take the time to know you better
Don’t know who you really are
But here we are”

lyrics: First Impressions by The Stylistics

artist: Learn AI / prompt: Through the cinematic looking glass, Moiré’s pattern weaves and sings, Reflecting dreams past / source: X

artist: Knightama / prompt: [spanish dance] cyclorama effect –ar 16:9 –v 5.2 / source: X

artist: Nicolas Neubert / prompt: a deepspace megastructure for industrial use, above angle shot, realistic, linearly interpolating pixels, gamma encoded color space, meaningful data, soft color palette, large distribution, numpy, The 0-255 pixel values that you find everywhere aren’t linear, raw data –c 10 –style raw –ar 2:3 / source: X

artist: Max / prompt: Filmstill, cinematic view of Saturn’s Shoreline style, Ultra-detailed 30mm action cinematic sequence in the spirit of blade runner 2049 by roger deakins. Intense white haze with an orange glow. Night time. Two Astro-Researchers, uncover an ancient alien monument on a Saturn moon beach. Dynamic shifting sands, cosmic horizons, extraterrestrial mysteries, hyper-maximalist, film grain, shot with Hasselblad X1D II 30mm lens, interstellar discovery, golden-ringed backdrops, metallic reflections off alien structures / source: X

artist: Ludovic Creator / prompt: woman in a warped cityscape folding onto itself, capturing the surreal essence of Inception, featuring gold and indigo –style raw –ar 3:2 / source: X

artist: Mr.S / prompt: pointillism with the fragmented brushstrokes of divisionism / source: X

artist: Hugo Ventura / prompt: first light of the morning, ultra modern kitchen, beautiful woman, intense visible sunrays, particles, tamed shadows, 35mm, Leica ::1 artistic light leaks –ar 2:3 –style raw –v 5.2 / source: X

artist: Jaycie aiCreative / prompt: Children of god in style of polixeni papapetrou, lasar segall carrying the weight of sorrow, using abstract forms and a melancholy color palette in the style of Jankel Adler –s 85 –ar 16:9 –style raw / source: X