“Words are things. You must be careful, careful about calling people out of their names, using racial pejoratives and sexual pejoratives and all that ignorance. Don’t do that. Some day we’ll be able to measure the power of words. I think they are things. They get on the walls. They get in your wallpaper. They get in your rugs, in your upholstery, and your clothes, and finally in to you”

-Maya Angelou

artist: Learn AI / prompt: Create a digital artwork of an urban scene at dusk. In the center, there is a 5 years old girl standing on a reflective surface that shows a mirror image of the environment, creating an illusion of an upside-down world. The buildings around are a mix of modern and slightly dilapidated old structures, with vibrant street art on their walls. The sky should be a deep twilight blue, hinting at the onset of night. The reflective surface acts like water, rippling slightly and distorting the mirrored image. There are glowing neon lights in blues and purples, giving the scene a cyberpunk aesthetic. The architecture includes fire escapes, windows, and satellite dishes, all contributing to a dense urban atmosphere. The scene should be lit with a combination of the soft dying daylight and the harsher neon lights from signs and windows. –v 6.0 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Gizem Akdag / prompt: 35 mm photo of households, 1991, –ar 3:2 –stylize 250 –v 6 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Alin / prompt: frozen planet and spaceship wallpaper for desktop, in the style of retro-futuristic cyberpunk, sergey musin, quiet contemplation, george lucas, dark violet and light azure, low-angle, ultra hd –s 150 –c 10 –v 6.0 –ar 16:9 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Pierrick Chevallier / prompt: Ukiyo-e art, a serene mountain landscape with Mount Fuji in the background, villagers walking along a winding path / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Óscar Bartolomé / prompt 1: martian woman with a robot, in the style of american scene painting, grotesque caricatures, group f/64, militaristic realism, 1970–present, clockpunk, argus c3 –ar 9:16 –style raw –v 6 / prompt 2: martian woman flirting with a robot, in the style of american scene painting, grotesque caricatures, group f/64, militaristic realism, 1970–present, clockpunk, argus c3 –ar 9:16 –style raw –v 6 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Pixel Chemist / prompt: a photo of a highly-detailed Winnie The Pooh, covered in heavily rusted, decaying, fractured, and oxidized curved metal plates with lots of old frayed wires, ridged cables and damaged metal mesh in an atmospheric otherworldly misty large gnarled tree landscape / toolkit: DALL·E 3 / source: X

artist: Victor Letts / prompt: Create an image in the style of a Risograph print with influences from Chinese art and Maud Lewis’ painting style. Illustration is an Asian female model , Full-body, view from head to toe, The perspective should be scaled to include all extremities, avoiding any focus on a specific area. simple lines. The color scheme Deep Forest Green, Rust Orange, Stone Gray, Muddy Brown, set against a white background, 18k –chaos 30 –ar 4:5 –style raw –stylize 300 –v 6 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Edgar AI Poe / prompt: a man with a mouth in his mouth, in the style of bold and colorful graphic design, yoruba art, dan matutina, stylized animal motifs, figura serpentinata, ahmed morsi, red and aquamarine –ar 4:5 –stylize 180 –v 6 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: BotBrush / prompt: a woman with comics on her face holding a soda in her hand, in the style of bold, pop art inspired ing, light turquoise and red, pop art-inspired collages, nikolina petolas, superheroes, photorealistic detail, pattern explosion –ar 84:125 –v 6 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: BATMATT / prompt: fine-art photography, a girl with deer head, bioluminescent, flowers ritual, in the style of Marina Abramovic, in the style of pink –ar 3:4 –v 6.0 –style raw –s 23 / toolkit: MJ / source: X