artist: Ralph Lentjes / prompt: A youthful, captivating female figure bathed in chiaroscuro; within an intricate, interlocking geometric framework reminiscent of Monochrome Op Art aesthetics, incorporating bold zigzag patterns alongside striking contrasts between stark highlights and deep, inky shadow –ar 16:9 –v 6.0 –style raw / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Pierrick Chevallier | IA / prompt: Pikachu silhouette pattern with lines in black and white, in the style of high-tech futurism, bokeh, data visualization, layered mesh, dotted image / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Kiri / prompt: In the style of atomic era –ar 16:9 –v 6 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Edgar AI Poe / prompt: a pedestrian walking by a zebra crossing, in the style of japanese minimalism, jessica drossin, birds-eye-view, kōji morimoto, agnes martin, capturing moments, group f/64 –ar 2:3 –v 6 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: DailyPromptMaster / prompt: big white heart, no background, black and white still, digital Art, perfect composition, beautiful detailed intricate insanely detailed octane render trending on artstation, 8 k artistic photography, photorealistic concept art, soft natural volumetric cinematic perfect light, chiaroscuro, award – winning photograph, masterpiece, oil on canvas, raphael, caravaggio, greg rutkowski, beeple, beksinski, giger / source: X

artist: ./gabut / prompt: Abstract river, cracked orbit, and galaxy clouds, photocopied image of anime girl, familiar form distorted and fragmented, mosaic of lines and patterns, organic and the abstract, viewer’s gaze, recognizable subject, abstracted form, symbol of transformation, reinvention / toolkit: DALL·E 3 / source: X

artist: Nick St. Pierre / prompt: Ilford Delta 3200 closeup portrait –ar 4:5 –style raw –chaos 100 –stylize 1000 –weird 3000 –niji 6 / source: X

artist: Tatiana Tsiguleva / prompt: minimalist 3d foam, vray, soft focus, grey background –ar 2:3 –style raw –s 0 –v 6.0 –c 5 –w 1 / source: X

artist: Tatiana Tsiguleva / prompt: a black object floating in the air, in the style of vray, dusty piles, trace monotone, balance, black –s 0 –style raw –ar 2:3 –v 6.0 –c 10 / source: X

artist: TenderlySharp / prompt: illustration cinematic luminous manon art direction portrait portrait art, in the style of distorted figures, intricate black and white illustrations, caricature faces, psychological horror, clever use of negative space, rebecca sugar, anna and Elena balbusso, ink drawing –chaos 0 –ar 16:9 –stylize 0 –weird 0 / source: X