artist: Silas / prompt: A hyper-realistic 4D statue of a female figure, intricately carved in marble, transitioning into human form, statue is set against an ultra-high-resolution background that simulates the effect of liquid ballistic gel mixed with iodine and aluminum chloride, bonded to the nucleus of an atom, scene depicts this mixture being shot through a particle accelerator and encountering a fission point, leading to the formation of a sheet of mercury, surrounding this dramatic scene are swirls of electrode-covered, cellophane-like material, adding a surreal, high-quality touch to the composition, entire image captures the essence of a complex, futuristic scientific process with artistic flair / source: X

artist: Tatiana Tsiguleva / prompt: A man wearing black street clothes and who has his head covered by a drop made of reflective chrome, futuristic, specular reflections, white background, dusk time in the desert, soft lighting, ultra photo realistic, 35mm film, raw –no face –ar 2:3 –style raw –sref ::2 –sw 1000 / toolkit: Midjourney / source: X

artist: Tao / prompt: wide angle shot, desolate windy landscape with transparent ghosts with long rainbow shrouds, each lit with sombre LED lights inside their bodies, grim, dark, gloomy aesthetic –ar 16:9 –s 1000 / toolkit: Midjourney / source: X

artist: LudovicCreator / prompt: The Portrait of a woman in ‘Allegorical Artistry’, portrayed as a fascinating three-dimensional amethyst symbol, brimming with profound meaning and visual allegory that reveals itself with every interaction. –ar 3:2 –style raw –niji 6 / toolkit: Niji 6 / source: X

artist: Gizem Akdag / prompt: A photo of a man with a buzz cut leaning over to kiss the face of an enormous marble statue of his own head, wearing black and gold metallic embroidered in the style of Alexander McQueen, blue background, soft light. –ar 32:21 –s 250 –v 6.0 / toolkit: Midjourney + Magnific AI / source: X

artist: Brian 🎨 Bri Guy AI / prompt: a white mannequin head suspended in a black void, tiny thin green and yellow neon stripes move around atomically, motion blur, glitch, National Geographic science photograph –v 6.0 –w 360 –c 75 –s 1000 / toolkit: Midjourney / source: X

artist: Pierrick Chevallier | IA / prompt: Beautiful android portrait with neon fluid shapes, liquid illustration, Artgerm, on a black background / toolkit: Midjourney / source: X

artist: Marco / prompt: [editorial fashion shot] + [strong profile, bald head, smooth skin] + [metallic textured top with layered tulle in vibrant hues, striped accents, adorned with bangles] + [backdrop infused with a sunset, blending urban lights with twilight sky] + [vivid yet soft lighting, whimsical and contemplative mood] + [sideward glance, neck elongated, draped in cascading fabrics] + [shot on Canon EOS R5] + [twilight blue, fiery orange, neon pink color palette] –ar 16:9 –style raw –stylize 150 / toolkit: Midjourney (v6) / source: X

artist: Nicolas Neubert / Prompt: Cinematic Film Portrait of a painting showing young female woman, inside a museum hall filled with light, cinematic composition, interesting lighting, high fidelity, shallow depth of field, deep shadows, professionally captured, muted colors, cinematic contour lighting, low contrast ProLog, awardwinning composition, chromatic aberration / Negative Prompt: deformed, ugly, bad, blurry, low contrast, low detail, bad composition, bad lighting, bad anatomy, uninspired, amateurish, unappeugly, bad, deformed, improper anatomy, bad anatomy, artifacts, distorted, bad composition, bad lighting, uninspired, blurry, low contrast, low fidelity, lazy, extra digits, extra limbs, deformities / Prompt Weight: 7.5 / Custom Style: NOT A DYSTOPIA / toolkit: RunwayML / source: X

artist: AI Img / prompt: portrait of a person, avant-garde editorial cover inspired by dazed magazine, 1/8 shutter speed, diffused soft light, solargram effect, film grain, pastel colors, mixed media screen print inspired by peter saville, mark rothko, and georgia o’keeffe –ar 4:5 –style raw –stylize 750 / source: X