artist: Nick St. Pierre / prompt: I’m in a black hole. Approaching the singularity. I see nothing and everything at the same time. Infinity is beautiful. –ar 3:2 –stylize 0 –weird 100 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Duncan Crombie / prompt: Astropunk poster, figures made of swirling mist, dark forest, filigree calligraphy, tenebrism, glowing radiant colours –weird 1000 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: AZIZ | AI ART / prompt: man portrait, neon punk, neon core, neon play, neon volumetric leaks, centric, minimal, surreal long exposure, rim edge light –niji 6 –style raw / toolkit: Niji / source: X

artist: Beanie Blossom / prompt: Alien Queen emerging from the vast expanse of the cosmos, where the fabric of space-time weaves an intricate tapestry, a Kruskal-Szekeres diagram unfolds. Its curved lines and intricate contours depict the dance of gravity, bending and distorting the very essence of reality. At the heart of this cosmic choreography, a singularity emerges, a point of infinite density where the laws of physics break down and time itself loses meaning –sref 12 –sw 20 –sref 4060056883/ toolkit: Niji / source: X

artist: Paul / prompt: A six dimensional space holding a universal view of 4d planets and 4d nebula gas, 4d neon [COLOR] ballistic gel surrounds the image, 4d alabaster plasma rays and 4d aluminized polymer swirl, carbon, lead, hydrogen, fluorine, bismuth, uranium, mercury, and radium, 16k gigapixel hyper realistic cinematic photography / toolkit: Remix / source: X

artist: Umesh / prompt: breathtaking photograph, deep space, cosmos, stars , galaxies and nebulae, through the center of the scene leading to a distant horizon, long exposure, slow shutter speed, blurred effect, tunneling wormhole view, harmonious, serene, peaceful ambience, hdr –chaos 50 –turbo –stylize 500 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Blujeanmomma / prompt: 3d installation of a large LCD screen: classic 4d Hollywood movies: digital manipulation, gold and indigo neon outline a Hollywood holographic glamour girl era 1950’s, vertical glitch art, sharp focal structure yet soft and dreamy –sref 1483802054 / toolkit: MJ / source: X

artist: Tatiana Tsiguleva / prompt: space –ar 2:3 –style raw –sref 3626159499 –stylize 1000 / toolkit: MJ / source: X