It’s a typical lunch brake, morning commute or a lazy evening on a sofa. Nothing special. You are busy scrolling through your X feed, or Instagram and out of a sudden among loads of other content you notice this extraordinary image, piece of art really. Hold on! Who’s done it? Is it AI generated? How? This is the ‘how’ nobody asked for but everybody needed.

artist: Time Traveler / toolkit: MJ / prompt: GREEK ultra-detailed surreal painting of Ancient Greece with Pablo Picasso as a Greek deity, white marble –ar 16:9 –stylize 250 –weird 25 –style raw –v 5.2 / source: X

artist: Alin / toolkit: MJ / prompt: A group of soldiers in space and on a ship on a snowy planet as they fight, in the style of dao trong le, manticore, cinematic atmosphere, bryan hitch, light silver and light purple, cinematic stills, spiky mounds –c 10 –weird 10 –s 150 –ar 16:9 –v 5.2 –q 2 / source: X

artist: Mr. M / toolkit: MJ / prompt: abstract silhouettes of black hooded man in smoke trapped inside a prism, against a backdrop of snowy mountains at night, refractive mirror art, orange foggy, in the style of rust and bronze, [dimitry roulland](, [aron demetz](, site-specific works, loose and fluid, photo taken with provia, cinematic –ar 16:9 / source: X

artist: James Yeung / toolkit: MJ / prompt: picture of a girl sitting beside a window on a high floor in Tokyo, in the style of film photography, Rolleiflex, photo, close up, relatable personality –ar 16:9 –style raw / source: X

artist: Tatiana Tsiguleva / toolkit: MJ / prompt: close-up photo of a woman:: industrial interior, pool, morning light, dark olive colors, ektachrome / source: X

artist: Heather Cooper / toolkit: MJ / prompt: Capture the essence of minimalism in a tribal dream, defying gravity with serene grace. A Photograph capturing a surreal floating sculpture made of intersecting lines in a monochromatic color scheme, defying gravity with serene grace. Hip hop and city:: prismatic / source: X

artist: Avery / toolkit: DALL-E 3 / prompt: A medieval fantasy landscape, rolling green fields with a bright blue sky filled with puffy white clouds. On top of one of the clouds is a castle rising from it. A knight races across the field / source: X

artist: Allen T / toolkit: MJ / prompt: A Pink and Green photograph of a person in a room within a room, in the style of abstract minimalism, negative space, kodak porta 800 –ar 3:2 / source: X

artist: Umesh / toolkit: MJ / prompt:
Within a dense, mystical fog, a solitary masked figure gazes pensively at a glowing, otherworldly portal emanating from an ancient, ruinous archway, surrounded by an array of vibrant and surreal cosmic colors, depicted through a digital mixed media artwork / source: X