Designed with AI. Made with Raw Denim. The future is here, and it has happened already. G-Star, a Dutch designer clothing company mastering denim and specializing in keeping it raw, unwashed, and untreated while crafting their military-inspired clothing made a true bold statement proving their future-thinking attitude is there, deeply rooted in their DNA.

The brand has just released AI-Designed Futuristic Denim Collection, featuring 12 cape-like designs, created entirely in Midjourney and with one of them being actually brought to life in the form of a Raw denim piece. Made of high-quality Japanese selvedge denim, the cape is a unique representation of what a skilled designer arm in arm with a ‘machine’ are capable of.

source: Instagram

Whether you want to wear the cape when you’re out the next evening with your friends is yet a completely different thing to discuss, but surely the project has turned out to be a great leap forward in utilizing the modern technology by a brand in their creative process. G-Star now holds the title of being the first denim brand to actually create AI-designed garments in real life and pointing the right direction for others to follow that is embracing new technologies and pushing the limits of fashion design. Especially when your credo is ‘to make more out of less’. Welcome to the next level of craftsmanship.

In their statement, the G-STAR team said:

‘As designers who love to innovate and bring new tools within the design process, integrating AI into it can provide numerous benefits such as increased efficiency and accuracy. It can also help reduce waste in the production process by immediately visualizing a raw idea into a well-made outcome. But it’s important to note that AI is a tool. It’s the human designers who ultimately make the creative decisions.’

Watch the video below to see how the process looked like.

source: Instagram

The G-Star designers briefed AI to create the next G-Star denim icon: The AI Denim Cape. Apart from the one that was made real, there were hundreds more, but the team curated a variety of fits, styles and denim design innovations on their way. Below you will the top 10 creatives that were AI-born.

source: Instagram