Hello, how are you? I am under the water, please help me.

There is something truly magical about the underwaters. Looking up from the deep blue right into the rays of sun is like living in a dream, as if we’re stepping into another world. The weight of the world is gone, the sound is gone, it’s just you and only you. Our brain and senses can finally take rest from overstimulation. Some are scared to death, some are incredibly fascinated and some don’t really care, but the deeper the water the more interesting things get. It is a fact really that people have a crush on blue. We’re naturally drawn to aquatic hues and associate them with qualities like calm or wisdom. Our minds are blue. We’re not going to talk free diving today, not us, no, but that magical underwater ingredient that spices prompts up, the way open waters swimming does when you compare it to the pool alternative. I jump you jump, ok?

It was matterAfact who has sparked things up here.

source: X

“I’ve always been fascinated by things underwater. When I was I kid I loved images of towns that were flooded to make dams, or sunken cities, or sunken tanks and planes. Does anyone else have any UNDERWATER images to share?”

and then the floods came. Let’s have a look at other being equally obsessed.

artist: sergio casciu / source: X

artist: Madaro / source: X

artist: The AEYE / prompt: extremely detailed close-up documentary photography, swimming, summer, beautiful lovely young woman, mooncore, wabi-sabi, in the style of candid, volumetric lighting, shadowplay, shot on Agfa, taken with Hasselblad –ar 4:5 /source: X

artist: Sherpa / source: X

artist: AiRT / source: X

artist: • 𝘳𝘪𝘢 • /source: X

artist: Ronald van Oosten /source: X

artist: + AI station + /prompt: A portrait of a person submerged in water, where the reflections of the face and the water patterns create an abstract and mysterious atmosphere,4K, rich colors, –ar 16:9 / source: X

artist: Hillary Hays / prompt: hyper-detailed, ultra-realistic, fantasy photography, 8K resolution, medium distance, depict a woodland humanoid creature swimming under the water in a pink, crystalline, glistening Quantum pond, orchid and cerise palette, metaphysical dream, bloom academia, sacred psyche, euphoria pop, awe –ar 16:9 –style raw –v 5.2 / source: X

artist: STERNBERG / source: X

There’s so much goodies in the matterAfact original thread, seeing them is a must! Visit the underwater world of prompts here, fair winds and following seas.