Artist Highlight: Carlos Bannon

“Imagine there’s no heaven…
it’s easy if you try, No hell below us, Above us, only sky, imagine all the people…” – John Lennon

Now let’s take a look at the imagination that we find truly remarkable when it comes to the way spatial design and architecture could be shaped, from the whole districts and alleys through bars, museums, and auditoriums, to the future of construction and innovative materials use.

artist: Carlos Bannon / title: imagine RGB shores where people and flows of interaction converge / source: Instagram

Carlos Bannon, an architect and director of AirLab; currently an Associate Professor of Architecture and Sustainable Design at the Singapore University of Technology & Design (SUTD) has been working with the generative AI for quite some time now. While many were still looking at it suspiciously he was already done with his homework. It’s not only his ideas that are very impressive, but also the creative outcome he has managed to achieve. Working with the feather-like structures in architecture, the natural coexistence of people within spaces and resource‐efficient structures of the future to name a few of the ideas Carlos has touched upon – outstanding, like really… you guys want to take a look at it. But be careful, you will spend hours going through his great works. Ladies and gentlemen this is the excerpt of the ‘Imagine’ series by Carlos Bannon.

artist: Carlos Bannon / title: imagine museums as social playgrounds enabling an exuberant and uninhibited art form that celebrates the beauty of natural chaos and the unbridled freedom of self-expression. / src: Instagram

artist: Carlos Bannon / title: imagine silica explorations : deep spaces, self-shading, and gravity-driven granular architectures and geological features / source: Instagram

artist: Carlos Bannon / title: imagine Immerse yourself in a realm where indulgence and innovation intertwine: a parametrically crafted cave bar and restaurant / source: Instagram