Eyes, they say, are the windows of the souls. We don’t really know who said that, it has been attributed to Shakespeare, Da Vinci, or even Cicero. In fact, it does not matter who said what, what matters here is do you think it is true? Is it? Whose soul is it, if it’s AI generated? Some food for thought here. Now, all eyes on me please.


“A third eye” by David Szauder

artist: David Szauder / source: Instagram


untitled by doopiidoo

artist: doopiidoo / source: Instagram


“The Last Illuminati” by Odell Hussey

In the silence the whispers of your soul resonate within the pyramid’s chambers. Listen to your inner voice—where your deepest creativity resides. There you will the answers you seek.

artist: Odell Hussey / source: Instagram


untitled by Yan V.

artist: Yan V. / source: Instagram


untitled by Kat a.k.a. happy_aiccidents

“These were the close ups of the bejewelled spiderman drag queen I tried to make that didn’t work out spiderman wise but I really liked the look of anyway… not 100% sold on the fancy beard jewellery but would totally wear a pearl necklace for my eyes…”

artist: Kat / source: Instagram