“Did some one say cthulhu?” by arttacksyou

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“King. African High Fashion… ” by digitalwildart

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“203” by

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Date: October 15, 2042 / Time: 11:50 (Mars Time) by Midnite On Mars

Staggering through the labyrinth of Midnite’s deserted bazaar, a symphony of inebriation playing in my mind, my senses were drenched in the aftermath of the Martian night’s excesses. The market, once a vivid tapestry of aromas and colors, now lay silent and abandoned, a theatre stage waiting for the morning’s actors. With the night’s last breath and a camera slung over a weary shoulder, I became an archivist of the overlooked, capturing the ephemeral ghosts of nocturnal Midnite.

In the midst of my drunk odyssey, a guardian of the night caught me, eyes locked, as the shutter clicked—a silent confrontation in the soft glow of the desolate market. A moment suspended in the crisp Martian night, where curiosity and suspicion danced in the shadows of spilled fruits and folded tents. Thus unfolds another unwritten chapter, a clandestine snapshot woven into the fabric of Midnite’s insomniac tales.

artist: Midnite On Mars / source: Instagram


“‘Butterfly Girl’ in all her sublime glory.” by T H E V I S U A L D O M E

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