untitled by Eye.em.AI


“Meep meep!” by Good Eye


“Retro Futuristic Gas Stations with Diners (Exteriors) ” by orangeglasses

“This is part 1 of this series of space themed retro futuristic gas stations with diners. Part 2 will be of the interiors of the diners. “


“It’s 1984 And You’re Living A Penthouse In Metropolis” by Ryan Grin


“Crystal and the Bubblettes” by Waxy Fruits

“I had a version of this in my stories the other day and thought it needed an extended mix. For anyone curious, I am using images from Midjourney that have been tweaked and improved, then rolling them through the Runway app to string together. Runway does what it pleases but you can push it to the movements you like- swaying little figurines dancing and swaying, lights flashing. I thought – how magical would it be for the little toys to spin around like glass marbles floating in space.”