From interesting to awkward, surprising and funny, clever or dumb. Useful and useless, whatever we like we do serve it here, for take-away. This series is like the explore feed in the Instagram app, AI only but carefully selected by humans.


untitled by Gom.Tollum

artist: Gom.Tollum / source: Instagram


‘there was a lot of juicy creativity at the street festival of strange masks this year’ by Polly

artist: Polly / source: Instagram


‘The GGG (Glisten Gorge Gallery) always pulls in a crowd when a new artist displays their work. For the next four weeks, Drayton Martini’s finest pieces will be on display.’ by T H E V I S U A L D O M E

artist: T H E V I S U A L D O M E / source: Instagram


变幻 Zoom [14] by Lok Hong

artist: Lok Hong / source: Instagram


‘AG-631/635, 2023. Arty Series’ by Franck Gérard

artist: Franck Gérard / source: Instagram