Is there anybody who actually doesn’t like Lego? We haven’t met them yet, but please raise your hand if you don’t. You can go now 🙂 just kidding… please stay and let us show you how the generative AI plays well with the Lego style. BTW. Do you know the name is derived from the Danish phrase leg godt [lɑjˀ ˈkʌt], which means „play well”?! Now when you do, let’s play. The prompt magicians made us wait for a very long time for this one… and as it may not be as perfect as many Lego enthusiast could wish for, it is still incredible! So, Lego people this one is for you.

Multimedia Artist named Amanda (@_SunshineRobert) declared one May Sunday a fun day and served our beloved Twitter community with one of our dreams come true prompts, it goes like this:

‘[Subject] built entirely of Lego pieces in a 3d dimension, highly detailed, highly saturated, lifelike, Lego form, high resolution, finely lined, Kodak Porta 800’

artist: @_SunshineRobert / source: Twitter

Do you dare? Well, one of those that we follow enthusiastically, an AI creator and a storyteller Allen T (@Mr_AllenT) did.

artist: @Mr_AllenT / source: Twitter

And the snowball went down the hill! G (@g_prompter), and AI enthusiast on a chaotic creative journey brought us Goku and a famous duo of Asterix and Obelix. Rad!

artist: @g_prompter / source: Twitter

The CoolBot’s (@_CoolBot) Nintendo would be definitely something we would love to have as a set! Anything else Sir?

artist: @_CoolBot / source: Twitter

How about the always-desired space shuttle? Who had one? If you haven’t then you can get on one now, no problem. Thank you Neural Neuron – John Stennett (@NeuralNeuron), we truly love it.

artist: @NeuralNeuron/ prompt: A breathtaking space shuttle launch to space, constructed entirely of Lego pieces in a three-dimensional dimension. The shuttle showcases meticulous details, capturing the essence of a real spacecraft. The vibrant colors of the Lego bricks create a highly saturated and lifelike representation, immersing viewers in its Lego form. The image is rendered in high resolution, allowing every intricate brick and connection to be visible, showcasing the craftsmanship of the Lego model. Photography, captured with a macro lens to highlight the Lego textures and details, –ar 16:9 –v 5.1/ source: Twitter

The giant brickheadz alikes of matterAfact (@matterAfactART) also look very interesting.

artist: @matterAfactART / source: Twitter

and finally, the LEGO king by Crystal (@Crystal1dot6180). Bravo!

artist: @Crystal1dot6180 / source: Twitter

Lego-style for some reason wasn’t that easy for the generative AI to go for. There were some attempts before, like recreating famous movie scenes but in a Lego style by a Reddit user named GarryWalkerNFTArtist.

artist: Garry Walker / source: Reddit

We especially liked when u/MagoCalvo or u/DashApron used Midjourney as a source of inspiration to build them for real! Very creative.

source: Reddit / Reddit

One supermom, Aurélien Fache(@mathemagie) took her son’s creation and used it as a reference for Midjourney to create ‘a spaceship with a Jodorowsky style’. Now her son can easily say ‘my mom is cooler than yours’.



artist: @mathemagie / source: Twitter

The best part of playing with Lego is that anybody can do whatever they like doing. Patrick Lawler got himself some great Burning Man Lego sets! We want to be a part of his tribe too.

artist: Patrick Lawler / source: Instagram

Having said that it is high time somebody made this armchair real! Please do.

source: Instagram