PROMPT SELECTION: An “Antique” Chinese Tapestry

Antique Chinese painted tapestries are like time-traveling postcards from ancient China, bursting with vibrant colors and intricate designs. Mind you, they’re very, very old. These masterpieces, dating back to the Ming and Qing dynasties, are filled with scenes that tell captivating stories, like little book of tales.

Imagine a tapestry adorned with majestic dragons soaring through the sky, symbolizing power and good fortune. Picture delicate peonies blooming in a riot of colors, representing wealth and honor. See graceful cranes dancing elegantly, promising a long and happy life. Each of these motifs carries deep symbolic meanings, weaving a rich tapestry of cultural significance. And the colors? They’re part of the story too! Red signifies joy and luck, gold represents wealth, and blue whispers of immortality.

Now, hear the unexpected tape rewind sound (yes, that one!), and think Winnie-the-Pooh picking them peonies, Lord Vader dancing elegantly or swap the majestic flying dragon with… Charizard. How does that feel? Fun isn’t it?! We thought so…

If we’re on the same page then you should definitely check out the prompt by R*A*F (@midisteadygo), A-class one!

“An antique Chinese painted tapestry depicting {subject 1} fighting {subject 2} –s 50”

Though it may not be a vibrant slice of history, wrapped in silk and painted with the dreams and stories of centuries past, it is great to imagine all sorts of AI generated alternative tapestry worlds…let’s see.

Homer vs Pink-ish Panter (sort of) by sergio casciu

Talking about Spiderman…

Vader vs Pikachu by LudovicCreator

Batman got his part too. Top tapestry!

… or two.

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