PROMPT SELECTION: back to the 90s video games

Micro Machines 2, Chase HQ, Mario Kart, or Out Run; what was your favorite video game of the 90’s? There is just one correct answer, and there are 3 reasons to it: the Ferrari, the street racing and that blonde passenger. Some people even admit that they had crush on her. Their first ever 😉 But seriously, there is something truly magical about the 90’s era of video games, one of the reasons could be the aesthetics of course. Racing was huge, but there was also that second type of games we all dreamed of – point and click adventure games, like King’s Quest, Monkey Island, Star Wars, Indiana Jones, Beneath a Steel Sky, or the great Doom. What a great time to be alive, the golden arcade decade. Let’s bring back those nostalgic memories and imagine being the designer, not the player this time. Who would not wish for this to happen back then?!

Passionate AI Art enthusiast exploring the realms of creativity with ChatGPT and Midjourney, TechHalla, has managed to prompt out that unique look with this single line:

“point and click adventure game scene of a [place] | side view | in the style of retro pixel art | lo-fi colors –no 3D –s 10 –ar 16:9”

Let’s get pixelated everybody!

artist: TechHalla / source: X

The shades, colors, long forgotten scenery and those pixels. Time for a little tear in your eye. In return, Яonin Ranger got his creatives delivered big time! How cool are those.

artist: Яonin Ranger / source: X

Isn’t that Contra?!

Jagroop Natt nailed it too! You can almost feel the scent of the warm air coming from your Sega.

artist: Jagroop Natt / source: X

This thread is golden! Scenes are possible too! Just take a look at the great concepts by MayorkingAI.

prompt: point and click, beat em up game scene of a [Street of Rage] | side view | in the style of retro pixel art , 16 bits, | lo-fi colors –no 3D –s 10 –ar 16:9 –v 5.2 –style raw / source: X

prompt: point and click, adventure game scene of a [Prince of Persia] | side view | in the style of retro pixel art , 16 bits, | lo-fi colors –no 3D –s 10 –ar 16:9 –v 5.2 –style raw / source: X

Who would not want to play a game like this one.

artist: MidjourneyAI / source: X

There are so many great examples of the prompt use that we strongly recommend visiting the thread here. Totally worth every pixel.