Fighting and crochet, now that’s a duo nobody would ever, ever come up with. Nobody but two exceptional people we have encountered. First, a world famous MMA fighter Maurice Green; The Crochet Boss is known not only for his heavyweight champion title but also for his love for crocheting, and it’s a long one! You can get to know his soft side here on YT. Second, Patricia Leveque, an AI Artist and a visual storyteller, who happened to challenge her X community with a great crocheting prompt. We may not know a lot about crocheting game but thanks to her we do know how to get them crochets in a fight and make everybody see the scene. You want to know how? Prompt this: 

“cinematic crochet fight scene”

(…how do you even come up with a prompt idea for such scene? xD)

Anyway, let’s follow that road and see how cool crochet fights are! Way better than some of the MMA fights to be honest. Would you agree?

artist: Patricia Leveque / source: X

You ready? Here we go! First, Matrix, what else?!

artist: JE_Colors / source: X

The empire strikes next! Yaasss.

artist: Muriel Lherm / source: X

Japan hits different, it’s Kaiju time!

artist: Jelly / source: X

We love this game, really. Don’t you feel the same when you look at these two?

artist: Vera / source: X

artist: Frank Morales / source: X

artist: TheHermit / source: X

artist: Danz Castilho / source: X

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