PROMPT SELECTION: Destino by Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney

Name two hyper influential artists, the most renowned innovators of the twentieth century that were not only deeply fascinated by the future, but also the concept of their immortality. Rumor has it, one of them was cryogenically frozen before he died, in order to put his deadly disease on hold until scientists come up with a certain cure. The other was deeply convinced he’s not going to die. And was known both for his incredible surreal mind and eccentric moustache. Walt Disney and Salvador Dali, in the age of collabs, in which we are living, would be a dream duo to work together. And they actually did work, once. Have you heard about ‘Destino’?

An animated surrealist short film released in 2003 by Walt Disney Animation Studios. A very unusual short though, making of which took over 58 years, as the original work was started in 1945 by Salvador Dalí himself. He was approached by Walt Disney to work together on a film based upon a Mexican folk song named Destino accompanying a sequence of Dalí-designed animations. The team started working on storyboards and the general concept but when the WWII broke out Disney pulled the plug out of the production and the project stopped. There was only a 15-second demo reel left and a some sketches. 50 years later, when both of the eccentrics were no longer here, Disney’s nephew, Roy, revived the project and succeeded. Six-minute short animation film was born on the basis of Dalí’s notes and storyboards. You can watch it here.

Enough said about the history, the time is now! And we have the generative AI. Let’s make history the future and follow Óscar Bartolomé’s (@Artedeingenio) idea. Let’s imagine you can now get the most of this incredible duo collaboration. Pretend you are the Dalí x Disney. You and Midjourney. As Óscar found out that ‘something amazing could emerge from the mix of Dali and Walt Disney‘. Let’s see.

‘animated short film Destino by Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney, surrealist, dreamlike, stunning —ar 16:9 —s 1000 —weird 100 —q 2 —v 5.2’

artist: @Artedeingenio / prompt: animated short film Destino by Salvador Dalí and Walt Disney, surrealist, dreamlike, stunning —ar 16:9 —s 1000 —weird 100 —q 2 —v 5.2 / source: Twitter

Dali + Disney = Tim Burton right? Doesn’t it look a bit like this? Incredible. Let’s see what else is there. Here is a small variation of the two great masters with Pixar from @artx_machina. Because why not!

artist: @artx_machina / prompt: nimated short film Antidestino by Salvador Dalí and Pixar, surrealist, dreamlike, stunning –ar 16:9 –s 1000 –weird 100 –q 2 –v 5.2 / source: Twitter

artist: @shpstumblergurl / source: Twitter

Sometimes MJ directs more toward the American suburbia Tim Burton aesthetic, on other occasions it returns 100% Dalí.

artist: @impactoai / source: Twitter

artist: @cap_booya73 / source: Twitter

There seems to be some kind of a pattern that Midjourney pursues as Oscar noticed:

“it always uses clocks (very present in Dalí’s work, although as melted clocks) and a sculpture with the white face of a woman, which remind me of the mythical sofa with Mae West’s lips”

artist: @shadow10801761 / source: Twitter

and finally… some panning by Epic Personas (@epicpersonas). What a great idea to see what’s next to the Dalí’s eccentricity! Enjoy.

artist: @epicpersonas / source: Twitter