Diagrams, we do like them, don’t we?! There is something fascinating about seeing things torn apart into pieces. Like getting to know what’s inside, how it’s made and how to put it together. They are fun, unlike a well known furniture ‘how-to’ assembly instructions 😉 But did you know – part 1? Exploded diagrams are actually pretty useful, not only for those knowledge freaks like us, but also for those using them professionally. Diagrams, in fact show how a product can be assembled and how the separate parts fit together with dotted lines showing usually where the parts slide into place. The diagrams also show components that would usually be hidden in a solid drawing. Did you know – part 2? Why is it called exploded? This one is simple, they look as if there had been a small controlled explosion right in the center of the object, causing the parts to be separated an equal distance away from their original locations. Want to create one?

A designer and an AI enthusiast sharing his creative Midjourney prompts & tips and also someone who claims C3P0 has a silver leg, Nerbts (@Nerbts) has just shared a very interesting prompt:

‘Exploded view diagram of [Subject] Tip: Add your favourite [Style] to prompt to mix it up. [Style] Exploded view diagram of [Subject]’

artist: @Nerbts / prompt: exploded view diagram of a dodge charger / source: X

artist: @Nerbts / prompt: Steam Punk, spaceship, Exploded view / source: X

artist: @Nerbts / prompt: exploded view diagram of a electric drill / source: X

artist: @Nerbts / prompt: [pulp art] Exploded view diagram of [space ship] / source: X

Now let’s go with them, like @ZuidermanHS did.

artist: @ZuidermanHS / prompt: Exploded view diagram of futuristic submarine, dark background. –ar 16:9 –c 50 –s 250 / source: X

artist: @prompt_mastery / prompt: art deco, exploded view diagram of Volkswagen beetle –ar 5:4 / source: X

All sorts of vehicles are great to “get exploded”! We have Porsche too, the DMC DeLorean and even McLaren 570. Enjoy folks.

artist: @FabioBoehl / prompt: explechdiagramPorsche / source: X

artist: @NemPerez / source: X

Using input image also returned really interesting results!

‘You could try Prompt: [image URL] [subject] exploded view diagram —iw 0.5’

artist: @Nerbts / source: X

artist: @AlexBarney90 / prompt: exploded view modelled after mclaren 570s in white, under neon garage, tokyo aesthetic, ultra realistic / source: X

Of course, the views are just an artistic experiment, for now. In order to be treated seriously they simply lack accuracy, but it could be just a matter of time for the AI to be ready to answer very detailed and professional needs, like it already does in architecture.