PROMPT SELECTION: /imagine prompt [anything] LSD

Here it comes… the LSD art! The time has come to see if the generative AI has been “fed” with the magic of lysergic acid diethylamide. It turns out, to our great joy, AI is on the same page as some of the most accomplished thinkers, philosophers, activists, spiritualists and artist. Lucky us! If so then we’re safe, the AI is not going to eat us alive since it has already ridden that Hofmann’s bike. Peace and harmony within! You may have heard about the psychedelic/LSD artists and the extent to which the substance influences them in their creative process. Incredible visuals are just the tip of the iceberg there, colorful, repetitive, geometrical shapes say a lot about the process, but foundational understanding that there is more to reality than meets the eye is the thing that everybody clearly share. Once you see it you will know this is it…

Alex Grey, “Net of Being” (2002–2020), oil and linen (original), 180 x 90 inches / source:

Aren’t we right? Let’s see if generative AI can catch up on this. One AI pro-girl, Sophia, has invited her followers on X to try out adding ‘LSD’ to their regular prompts.

“Just add “LSD” to your prompt, and then you’ll see the magic! you can also make Video on Midjourney! Lets Try!

Prompt example: /imagine prompt Vibrant California Poppies –video

(–video only works on image grids, not upscales)
1. Add –video to the end of your prompt.
2. Once the Job has finished, click Add Reaction
3. Select the Envelope emoji.
4. The Midjourney bot will send a link to the video to your Direct Messages.
5. Click the link to view your video within a browser. Right-click or Long Press to download the video.”

source: X

artist: Sophia / prompt: Vibrant California Poppies / source: X

It looks a bit like the video for ”L$D” by A$AP Rocky, doesn’t it?

Excellent, let’s see what other curious AI enthusiast came up with!

artist: Chet Bliss / source: X

artist: Pixel Hustler / source: X

Let’s dive deeper, shall we? There’s always the upside-down.

artist: $himmy $h!mmy ¥Ai / source: X

artist: ¢увєяηєтι¢ єχρєяιмєηтѕ / source: X

artist: Lee Gibson / source: X

Anything can happen here, just like in real life, like you can meet a pink poodle wearing a colorful onesie walking down the street, right?!

artist: / source: X

This is just too good.

artist: Shurastei / source: X

Still trippin?

artist: cryptobagger.eth / source: X

The theme leaves no space for anything but excitement.

artist: Micheal Steele / toolkit: NightCafe Studio / source: X

artist: PresenceAwareness / source: X

artist: Middle | Man / source: X

artist: Elle Visual Verse / source: X

artist: back to 2054 / source: X

The wonderful creativity flow goes on and on and on… jump in here.

artist: Hendo AI / source: X