This is quite literal when you think about being liminal or living in liminal times as we speak. You do remember the Matrix, right? The dark screen covered with neon green strings of characters free flowing up and down, this is exactly what we can call liminal. Being unfinished, undone, in the rite of passing from one dimension to another. Not here anymore, but neither there yet. It turned out ‘liminal’ could be used in prompting the generative AI!

Chet Bliss (@chetbff), one of the most influential and active AI enthusiasts, a ‘Visual Artist Exploring Everything that AI Generated Art has to offer’ did actually use the ‘liminal’ word in prompting the Midjourney! Just take a look. Magic.

artist: @chetbff / prompt: Muted colors liminal desert scape, random 3d blocks rendered in 2d, dot matrix barcode swirl night sky —ar 2:1 —q 2 —s 750 —v 5 / source: Twitter

He prompted this incredible desert scape… and the liminal fun began.

Marcin Serkies (@yasiu071) got it instantly right by altering the original prompt with ‘immersive, grounded, fantastical, harmonious, atmospheric, cozy, enchanting, dynamic, cinematic, apocalyptic, authentic, detailed, visually stunning, high-budget, and spectacular effects.’

artist: @yasiu071 / source: Twitter

John Harvey (@digitallywired), yet another creative mind and tech enthusiast to watch, did his part too. The prompt used for the image was altered and the result kicks ass, liminal “city” is just crazy good and a bit unsettling.

artist: @digitallywired / prompt: liminal desert scape:: 3 random 3d blocks:: 2 rendered in 3d:: 4 dot matrix:: 2 barcode:: 1 swirl night sky –ar 2:1 –q 2 –s 750 –c 99 –v 5 / source: Twitter

The thread is really interesting, the liminal technique leaves no one indifferent. Being one of the many really decent creatives comes also Mr11 (@youngdreadgod).

artist: @youngdreadgod / source: Twitter

One thing has really drawn our attention, as thestreamingdev() (@thestreamingdev) twitted back, the same prompt put in DALL-E, returned a very different result, the Matrix real deal.