One of the most popular improvements in generative AI that came along with V6 of Midjourney was definitely the text accuracy. While it may not be the focal point of the upgrade and MJ itself, as the team sees it as a “minor” feature, it is incredibly exciting to be able to actually use real, meaningful words within creatives. Why “minor” then? Well, the team puts emphasis on aesthetics rather than accuracy, but getting the model work well with text is no problem, under certain circumstances. User must write “the desired text in ‘quotations’ and –style raw or lower –stylize values may help.” Let’s check it out in action. Please say hello to one of the renown creators, an AI educator and storyteller Allen T and his fantastic Manga Cover Pages prompt.

Being born way, way back, most probably in 1814 (sic!) when Hokusai Katsushika (yup, that Hokusai, the one responsible also for the widely popular The Great Wave off Kanagawa) sketched a series of whimsical pictures of scenes from a regular daily life, where in Japanese man 漫 meaning “whimsical” and ga 画 meaning “pictures”, thus “manga”. Some sources even say that the origins of the manga date even to the 8th century! Now you know.

What makes Manga so special? The style baby! And this is what we are going to present today, or rather spread a word about what Mr Allen T has discovered. Before you proceed you may want to take a look at the actual manga cover pages collection here. Now, Mr Allen T set out on a journey to see if the newest release of Midjourney can handle that truly unique style. Here is what he found out.

Prompt: “A [Decade] style colorful Japanese manga cover page of a [Subject] with trendy title text that says “[Title]” –v 6.0 –ar 2:3 –style raw”

Note: If you don’t want the random AI Japanese text characters in the generation, adding ” –no Japanese text” to the end of the prompt works fairly well”

BTW. Have you seen that Blue Eye Samurai yet? You better do 😉